Belles and Butterflies  was born of my personal struggle as well as empathy for countless parents around the world whose children are effected by this rare disorder. A deep desire to understand  the intricate details of TS and how to most appropriately care for my daughter manifested into a project of love.


Children and women living with Turner syndrome (TS) are affectionally referred to as butterflies worldwide.  Belle translates to beauty and is defined as a woman or girl admired for her beauty and charm. It is important to note that beauty is not only physical, but how an individual presents themselves to the world; being kind, honest or thoughtful. 


The heart of our mission is to create a space where girls and women living with Turner syndrome are celebrated for their beauty and strength. Additionally, due to our interactions in public spaces, we also want engaged in conversation regarding sensitivity, especially with children.

At the most basic level, my hope is to engage in community with other parents, practitioners and partners who are interested in deepening their understanding of TS and to provide support to those affected families, while bringing awareness to diverse communities. This is our small way of giving back while being productive and positive  in our new normal.