Sometimes the things we can't change ends up changing us! In March 2017, the Winters family received news that would change the course of their lives forever. Keenan and Natalya's daughter was a little over a year old when the doctors became concerned that she was falling behind on the growth charts. Born 40 weeks, weighing 5lbs 11oz, although spending her first 8 days in the NICU, she was small but seemingly healthy; therefore Keenan and Natalya did not worry too much. However, their pediatrician urged them to pursue the idea of having her seen by a specialist; they were both apprehensive, but also willing to ensure all was well. They had no idea that their first visit to the specialized clinics at Children's of Alabama would become routine. Several tests later they received the results - Turner syndrome.

Outside of Natalya's college Genetics course, she knew very little about the Turner syndrome (TS). She began to read everything she could find on TS, soon understanding that all of her questions did not lend to an explanation. Their families and close friends were affected by the news as well, and like Keenan and Natalya, they knew very little. It was important that they explored a true understanding of what they were faced with in an effort to give Gray the best quality of life. Subsequently, these things became the genesis of her pursuit as she tried to gain, understand and share knowledge regarding TS. Although Gray is small and will have some health challenges, Keenan and Natalya wanted to be intentional about creating a space where she is celebrated, regardless of her flaws. Belles & Butterflies